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Street Style

Earrings/Forever 21

Street StyleJourdan (left)
Shades/Mosley Tribes

Lani Love (right)
Shades/SEE eyewear
Coat/Timo Weiland

Street StyleStreet Style

Hat/Mishka NYC

Street Style

Shades/Bottega Veneta

Street Style

Emma (Tres Awesome)
Earrings/Ready to Stare

Street Style

I realized I’m all about the details, I naturally zone in on the details that make 
an outfit. No surprise here: I’m an accessories nut. So I thought:
"Why not document all the yummy accessories I see worn every day?"

This style post is a new iteration of my longer, more complex style features 
(like this one on Monique). I’m excited that it’s going to take less time for 
me to get the content and share it with you.

This one’s all about your summer details, snapped fresh off the streets of 
Chicago. All photos by yours truly and taken on an iPhone so I could catch
you guys the moment I spotted you. 

Enjoy! xo Andrea

Empire of the Sun

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Welp, I’m obsessed. Enjoy!



One my most favorite sites for fashion news is The Business of Fashion
I’m always eager to click on their emails whenever they arrive in my little
Gmail inbox. 

Today features a lovely article on Lynn Yaeger and as usual, the 
article doesn’t disappoint. Check it out here, xo.



Style Feature: Monique Meloche
Shot on location at moniquemeloche gallery and Meloche’s home in Wicker Park

What are you working on right now?
Closing more sales of work by both Kate Levant and Sanford Biggers –
my current two exhibitions.  Following up on clients I met last week at
Art Brussels art fair and contacting potential clients for my next art fair
in San Francisco mid-May.   Getting final RSVPs for a cocktail party that
I am co-hosting in NYC next week at The James Hotel as I am their
cultural partner in Chicago.  The event is for the 3rd annual Gallery
Weekend Chicago that I founded and EXPO Chicago art fair that will
happen again here in September.   And planning my nail color and outfit
for tomorrow night’s SAIC The Walk fashion show.

What are you working on next?
Organizing loans of my gallery artists work to various museums and
galleries around the world.  My travel schedule this summer is insane
because of their success – NY, London, Boston, Venice (Italy), Miami,
Louisville, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Berlin.

How would you describe your style?
Bold, sassy, and feminine with a dash of sexy vintage.

What are you favorite stores or cities to shop?
Ikram in Chicago, anywhere in Antwerp, 
for the coolest raincoats, Target for both Converse and their 
capsule collections, and my mom’s vintage closet!


5 style inspiration/icons
My mom (a lifelong model and beauty queen), Veruschka, Diane Von Furstenberg, Gwen Stefani, and JLo

5 favorite artists
Bernini, Giacometti, Luc Tuymans, Rashid Johnson, and Kate Levant

5 favorite bands or albums
Prince live – seen him 10 times, Justin Timberlake – but still on the
fence with “the 20/20 experience”, “Watch the Throne” by Jay-Z and
Kanye West, The Waitresses “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful” 1982,
and toss up guilty pleasures Beyonce and Rihanna.

5 favorite movies
Pedro Almodovar’s “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” 
Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, Starship Troopers (thanks to the 
Vic Theater Brew and View), and Shaft – the 1971 original.

5 things you can’t live without
My husband Evan Boris, new shoes, eye-lash curler, wine & cheese 
(and if I count those together I can add my trainers Janell and Kim 
so I can keep having the wine & cheese!).


Your thoughts on the connection between fine art & fashion?
I did my master’s thesis at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
on the history of the shoe in contemporary art and co-taught a course
there on the intersection between art and fashion, so I consider it to
be a strong and inevitable  connection.

In NYTimes style section today they just featured 5 best dresses to
wear to next week’s Frieze Art Fair festivities in NYC including my new
fav Maria Cornejo who I will be wearing to my cocktail party in NY
next weekend. 

When & why did you decide to become a gallery?
With a Master’s degree in Art History and Theory under my belt I
started working at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for 6
years as an assistant curator.   Wanting to stay in the city and no
upward mobility for me at the MCA, I reached out to Chicago’s most
respected contemporary art dealer Rhona Hoffman and I became her
gallery Director for 2 years.  After a short stint at another gallery I
decided to throw my hat in the ring.


When did you open MM gallery?
I opened moniquemeloche briefly at my home in October 2000 with a
show called “Homewrecker” where I invited 30 artists to install work
anywhere and everywhere in the house (yes the same house we are
shooting in).   My official opening was May 2001 on Fulton Market with
a cavernous “arena-like” gallery with “I Borrowed my Mother’s Bedroom”
by Joel Ross who literally drove to Texas and borrowed his mother’s
bedroom and recreated the room complete with all her clothes, her
bed, tv, carpet, ceiling fan, and door!  The price on the checklist said
“ask Joel’s Mother”.  After 3 years, we moved to the heart of the
West Loop on Peoria and Randolph next door to my mentor Rhona
Hoffman.  When the economy tanked in 2008 we started looking for a
new direction and found our current location in Wicker Park at 2154 W.
Division.  Working with Dirk Denison Architects we created a more
modestly scaled white cube with some moveable walls and desks
and a 25foot long public art space in our front window called the “on
the wall” series that is lit 24/7 and is funded in part by the Wicker
Park Bucktown Association.

Advice for creatives out there in the world?
Don’t give up
Try not to compromise
Collaboration is key
Have fun!

(Questions or comments? Leave them below! I’d love to hear from you)


Photography & styling: Andrea Morris
Assistant: Yumi Minamikurosawa


One of my favorite things about attending an event like Luminaire X
is the creative energy and excitement you can feel throughout the
room. I love when several facets of style collide; clothes, interiors,
product design, jewelry… I definitely felt and saw these things last 
Thursday and I captured a bit of my experience to share with you. 

It’s been a while since I’ve gone back to photographing street style
but you’ll see some in this post. I was drawn to all the different kinds
of creative energy and expression in the room. Enjoy!

iPhoneography by Andrea Morris
Shot on location at Luminaire, Chicago

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If I could play and create with Swarovski crystals all day, for the rest of my life,
I would. I’ve always loved their rhinestones and crystals, and I’ve definitely collected
some gorgeous jewelry from them over the years (surprised? didn’t think so!)

The above images are from their latest Spring 2013 campaign and I’m crazy about
them. There are many more shots to the campaign but I chose my two favorite ones
which feature model Lily Donaldson.

I also loved the romantic, flower arrangements with sprinkled and placed crystals -
they feel like a nod to historic, still life paintings featuring flowers. What do you think? 


Happy Easter!

Laduree’s Easter bunnies reimagined by Laure Heriard Dubreuil and Nektar de Stagni ♥

Thanks Vogue!


Hey friends, please join me this Saturday for Cities in Dust's trunk show
at Monique Meloche Gallery

I’ll have an edible installation for you to nibble on while checking out
CID’s 2013 collection ♥


Saturday Style: Miista

Who is Miista?
Independent – against uniformity and imitation
Irreverent – breaking the rules without causing a riot
Curious – always looking…

I love this brand and what they stand for.

Also, I love their shoes. Guess what?

All of their style are NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!!  
Let the shopping begin. xo!

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Design & layout: Andrea Morris

All photos:


Saturday Style: BRZ (!!!)

Ok. I have been obsessed with BRZ’s tights for a long time. You too?? Awesome.
Our brains are definitely connected. So you can imagine I was pretty much
beyond excited to bring this special Cocomori Me promo code to you guys. 

Time to ombre the crap out of Spring!! 

Go to BZR’s Etsy shop:

Just use code COCOMORI25 when you check out to get 25% off
ANY of BRZ’s kick ass ombre tights.

You’re welcome.


Design & layout: Andrea Morris
All photos: BZR



Oscars party ice cream bonbons

I’m always looking simple, delicious and fun bites for parties. I recently found 
a different way to serve ice cream to guests and it would be perfect for an 
Oscar party! It’s easy for adults to eat while carrying a glass of champagne 
and it’s a yummy treat fit for any kids running around the party.


You’ll only need a few things:
Nuts, candies or chocolates (whatever you love)
Ice cream 
Cake pop sticks
Parchment paper
Baking sheets

Before you start, line two baking sheets with parchment paper and
place them in the freezer for 15 minutes.


For my fixings, I picked up some honey roasted cashews, pecans, mini Oreos (easier
to crush), coconut flakes (I toasted them for a few minutes in the oven).

Once you’ve prepped your fixings (crushing, toasting, cutting etc), place each ingredient
on a clean baking sheet.


Ice cream: I picked up some delicious Haagen Dazs flavors: peanut butter pie,
dulce de leche and pineapple coconut.

Using an ice cream scoop and working quickly, scoop out a ball of ice cream 
and roll it in the nuts/candies/chocolates etc. Once it’s coated, place it on one of
the frozen baking sheets. Insert a cake pop stick and freeze for 45 minutes.


Once frozen through and through, they’re ready to be eaten.

My final flavor combinations were:
Dulce de leche with honey roasted cashews / pecans
Peanut butter pie with crushed Oreos
Pineapple coconut with toasted coconut


(Questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below)


Photography & styling: Andrea Morris